Survey research

Using online surveys for conducting CAWI research is gaining popularity each year due to its cost-effectiveness and quick implementation, as compared to traditional survey methods. Online surveys offer the added benefit of real-time tracking of results.

Obtaining the opinions of a target group can be easily achieved through the use of surveys, which are a straightforward and user-friendly research tool. Surveys can be distributed either through one's own respondent database or by utilizing a research panel, and they provide a wealth of valuable research information.

Online surveys on a market research panel

By utilizing a market research panel for online surveys, we can achieve quick delivery of surveys to the target group. We can also create customized segments of the group based on socio-demographic and psychographic features, allowing us to specify the percentage of each type of respondent to participate in the study. Common metric questions used include gender, age, income, place of residence, and family situation. This precision in targeting the desired group ensures that reliable and accurate data is obtained.

Conducting a survey using a professional market research panel provides the advantage of accessing a base of over 200,000 Polish respondents at a low cost and with fast implementation time. The use of a research panel guarantees the reliability of responses and allows for precise targeting of the desired group. An extensive module for survey definition and monitoring of the sample implementation ensures the possibility of executing even the most complex research projects while maintaining the high quality of data obtained.


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Frequently asked questions
Does BioStat® also offer assistance in preparing survey questionnaires?

Yes, BioStat® also offers assistance in preparing survey questionnaires, including selecting questions, the presentation format of questions, and selecting appropriate research techniques.

How are survey research conducted?

Survey research can be conducted in various ways, including electronically, by telephone, or traditionally (e.g. on paper). Everything depends on the needs and preferences of the client, which are agreed upon with the team before starting the research.

What types of survey research does BioStat® offer?

BioStat® offers survey research targeting various target groups, including consumer research, customer satisfaction research, employee research, market research, and many others.

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