Brand marketing research

Brand marketing research

Why conduct brand marketing research?

Your brand is what distinguished your product from its competition. The importance of branding in product marketing is much more significant today, than it was 100 years ago. A modern brand is not just a logo, a name or a colour of the package. It is also a message to the buyer, a message that the product meets specific requirements, that it is tailored to specific expectations and that its purchase fits perfectly into the customers lifestyle choice.


The importance of the brand as an element that significantly promotes the sale of products and services is best expressed by this quote from the American economist Philip Kotler:

The brand stands for the seller's promise that it will provide the buyer with consistent property, benefits and services difficult to obtain for other, no-name goods.

Making use of your brand in the process of selling products and services requires not only the development of the brand's concept, but also its continuous monitoring, development and evaluation. If the brand is designed to influence consumer decisions, it must remain in line with their expectations and needs. David Ogilvy's statement:

A brand is the idea of a product as created by the consumer

The famous father of advertising clearly indicates that it is not possible to build a brand without the involvement of consumers, even with the best marketing experts at your disposal. The concept of a brand constructed without an audience is only an unverified vision, the implementation of which involves a huge risk. This risk is completely eliminated by performing proper market research, during which potential customers are checked not only for their needs, but also for their concept of the brand – all done accordingly to the appropriate methodology. To summarize, brand research is a process in which the ultimate potential and final results are determined by the actual consumers and their beliefs, ideas, aspirations and values. Building a brand with active consumer participation is just the beginning of the road to providing competetive advantage to the products and services offered. The effectiveness of this action depends on the brand's rooting in the social consciousness. At this stage of the project, it is important to begin promoting the brand. These actions, as well as the branding process itself, require monitoring with consideration of the general consumer opinion. Marketing research is also great for brand awareness verification – both assisted and spontaneous.  

By implementing brand research:

  • We integrate key consumer categories and opinion leaders into the branding process;

  • We consider the links between needs, aspirations, lifestyle and the relevant features of the brand;

  • We consider the differences between the developing brand and its competition;

  • We consider the consumer perception of the relevant characteristics of the brand, when compared to other competing brands;

  • We analyze brand associations;

  • We analyze brand awareness and brand loyalty;

  • We evaluate the promotion of the brand in terms of consumer expectations;

  • We check the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Our experienced researchers:

  • Thoroughly verify the information you seek;

  • Make accurate and reliable measurements;

  • Use recognized and proven methods;

  • Develop useful and transparent reports;

  • Diligently keep deadlines and communication standards.

Our proven areas of research:

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Brand awareness

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Brand equity

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Media noise

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Advertising studies

Research multi-tools developed by us:

  • Brand Awareness Research

  • Consumer Collage

  • FMCG Insights

  • Brand Equity

  • Buzz Research

  • OTC Advertising Campaigns

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