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Our solutions

We conduct a wide range of studies – from simple surveys, through mystery shopping to multifaceted market and marketing research. We rely on proven methodologies and our rich experience gained from working with the world's largest companies.

R&D research for grants
Product testing
Brand research
Effectiveness of conducted campaigns

Our facilities

To conduct our marketing research projects, we use a research infrastructure of our own, including proprietary software that supports field, online and phone-based surveys. We have at our disposal an ever growing research panel that enables us to provide ad-hoc measurements. Our comprehensive facilities are all systematically developed.

Frequently asked questions
What research can be conducted?

We offer conducting marketing research, market research, customer and employee satisfaction surveys, medical market research, and brand awareness studies. Additionally, we carry out research using CAWI, CATI, and PAPI methods according to the client's expectations.

What is the cost of conducting research?

The cost of conducting research is individually negotiated with each client. This is due to very diverse needs. The price of the study depends, among other things, on the type of research, research methodology, sample size, and complexity of the research.

How long does it take to conduct a study?

The time needed to conduct a study, similar to the cost of the study, is individually negotiated with the client and depends on many factors. The quickest results can be obtained by choosing to conduct the study using the CAWI method, as the results can be obtained in as little as 24 hours!

Which one to choose - PAPI, CATI or CAWI?

Each survey method has its advantages and disadvantages. PAPI is a traditional survey method that uses paper questionnaires, and it works well for surveying older people and for surveys conducted on site. CATI, or telephone interviews, works very well for surveys in companies. CAWI is by far the fastest survey method and works great for consumer research.

What does conducting a study give?

Conducting a study and obtaining results, both for a business and an individual client, provides guidance on what steps to take to achieve the intended goal. Market research shows, for example, what niches have appeared on the market.


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