CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) is a technique of online surveying that fits into the quantitative methodology of market research and opinion polls. Obtaining data from respondents is ensured by electronic questionnaires available through web browsers, while dedicated research software ensures supervision over their completion - it is responsible, among other things, for controlling the degree of coverage of the assumed sample, appropriate order of asking questions, as well as verification and correct recording of the obtained answers.


Why is it worth spending money on online research?

At first glance, conducting an online survey may seem like an unnecessary expense. Under the influence of impulse, every entrepreneur would prefer to invest this money hoping for potential profit rather than spend it on market reports. However, this approach can be quickly verified, and not conducting a marketing survey may result in the loss of all invested funds. That's why every prudent entrepreneur decides to conduct a market survey before making key decisions, which will help to avoid unnecessary risks. Online surveys are an ideal solution for entrepreneurs because, with relatively low research costs and lightning-fast execution, they can provide critical information for the company.


Advantages of online surveys

The electronic dimension of surveying provides a range of benefits, making CAWI one of the most popular and rapidly developing research techniques. The advantages of online survey research include:

  • Surveying large nationwide groups of respondents while ensuring a representative sample, quick measurement, and low research costs. Surveys are sent to respondents electronically, eliminating the need to use surveyors and print paper surveys.
  • Directing online surveys to strictly defined groups of respondents. CAWI surveying involves email distribution of personalized invitations to complete the survey questionnaire, as well as the ability to share it on thematic portals and social media.
  • Continuous monitoring of answers provided by respondents, making it possible to partially analyze the survey results during its implementation.
  • Ensuring maximum comfort for survey participants, resulting in their willingness to participate in the survey and provide accurate responses. An electronic survey guarantees anonymity (there is no so-called "interviewer effect"), and it can be completed at any convenient time and place.
  • Using modern survey questionnaires, which can be enhanced with multimedia elements, including graphics, audio, and video recordings.
  • Editing the questionnaire during the survey process.

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Frequently asked questions
How to conduct an online survey?

One way to conduct an online survey is to use a consumer panel such as, where a team of specialists can help you with conducting the survey.

What types of surveys can be conducted online?

The CAWI method, thanks to the continuous technological progress of society, practically has no limitations. Thanks to it, we can conduct market research, marketing research, brand awareness research, and many other types of research at the client's request.

What is the turnaround time for conducting the survey?

The time of conducting a survey can vary from a few hours to even several days. It all depends on the sample size and its characteristics, which are selected by the client each time. Conducting a survey using the panel is the fastest available method.

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