Market Research

Market research

Proper diagnosis of the market environment – partners, competitors and their strategies, resources, and market offers – is a prerequisite for gaining or maintaining a competitive advantage. Constant monitoring of market dynamics is essential, especially with ceaseless emergence of new challenges, trends and standards in every area of life. The use of new technologies, new products and services, making changes in the culture of work organization and in management – these are contemporary actions that are far too important to be experimented upon, and today, they have become elements of a well thought out and thoroughly refined expansion strategy. Survival on the market is dependant on a tried and tested - but also latest and unique - knowledge of all aspects of your business. Our marketing research allows you to obtain such knowledge.

How do we conduct market research?

Knowing current trends and the ability to recognize new opportunities as well as hazards is the best recipe to minimize potential risks in business.


By conducting market research:

  • We recognize the strategies of the biggest and most experienced players;
  • We gain knowledge of the solutions used by the competition;

  • We recognize the structure of both developed mass markets as well as niche markets, emerging and falling;

  • We are aware that market success is also the ability to make the most of any given opportunities.


Our experienced researchers:  

  • Thoroughly verify the information you seek;
  • Make accurate and reliable measurements;

  • Apply widely regarded and proven methods of market analysis;

  • Develop useful and transparent reports; 

  • Diligently maintain the terms and standards of communication.


Research multi-tools developed by us:

  • Market Structure;
  • Market Segmentation.


Market research - pharmacy

We are a reliable partner of pharmaceutical companies, as evidenced by many years of our experience in marketing research in the pharmaceutical industry. The scope of our research extends to customer relations, brand image, customer needs and their habits, and the effectiveness of medical representatives.


Our proven areas of research:

  • Medical market and competition research;
  • Research of marketing communication for OTC products targeted at customers;

  • Research of marketing communication for Rx and OCT products, targeted at physicians, pharmacists and medical staff;

  • Industry analysis;

  • Product, name, packaging and concept testing;

  • Advertising research (TV and radio);

  • Healthcare market research – introducing new medical products to PL and CEE markets;

  • Marketing research and projects;

  • Brand image analysis.

Research recall and message recall tests

We also carry out research on the effectiveness of medial representatives (recall tests) and on advert message memorization (message recall). These are market research styles that are performed on physicians, pharmacists and ad recipients, conducted to find out how effective marketing companies really are.


Applied research methods and techniques

Marketing research in the medical industry is carried out primarily by using quantitative methods and can be then expanded by qualitative aspects such as: analysis of existing data, in-depth personal interviews, focus group interviews.

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