Customer market analysis

Customer market analysis

Building an interesting and valuable offer depends on the preferences and satisfaction of your customers. Consequently, it is important to know the current customer feedback on the products offered.


When and why should you conduct a customer market analysis?

An analysis of customer preferences and customer satisfaction is recommended when attempting to introduce a product or service that will effectively meet customer needs. Consumer satisfaction is also one of the determinants of a positive perception of a company, and it also increases the chances of re-purchasing a product or service.


Objectives of marketing research

The purpose of shopping preference study is to understand consumer habits and needs. In order to provide information on consumer behavior, a survey of the target groups is carried out. This is a precise study that makes it possible to grasp the recommendations of a strategically important part of the audience. For this purpose it is necessary to establish a detailed image and profile of the target recipient of the product or service. As the result, entrepreneurs can gain the knowledge about what form of their product is preferred by their target customers.

Specifying the target audience

This type of marketing research is aimed at identifying the recipients of the product / service. Before the company decides to make changes to its offer, it should identify the target group of the new product.

In determining the target group, factors taken into account include:

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Consumer habits

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Location of the service / place of purchase of the product

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Age of target group

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Place of residence (city / village, size of town)

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Frequency of purchase of new products

Course and purpose of the research

Consumer marketing analysis consists of identifying consumer preferences and determining the relevance of the products / services on offer. By implementing a target group study we take into account the choices made by actual and potential customers of products. Market research allows both to improve the relationship with existing consumers, and to attract new customers and strengthen their loyalty.

Used research methods and techniques

Customer marketing studies are conducted using quantitative methods tailored to the needs of the target groups, such as CATI / CAWI surveys among consumers who are geographically dispersed, and PAPI surveys for local consumers of products / services.  

Specifying the target audience

The patient surveys conducted by us are in compliance with the guidelines contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 28 October 2015 on accreditation standards (Journal of Laws of 29 October 2015, item 67). Opinion surveys are conducted on a group of patients a few weeks after the hospitalization. The research is carried out using a suitable electronic application.

Patient satisfaction measurement is conducted with the following measurements:

  • The openness of medical workers to the emotional needs of patients;

  • Evaluation of the quality of given care;

  • Efficacy of therapy;

  • Effects in terms of eliminating pain;

  • Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Within the extended option we also research:

  • Continuity of care;

  • Standards evaluation;

  • Standards of pain treatment;

  • Safety of care;

  • Service quality;

  • Compliance with applicable procedures, including the completeness of the information provided on the pharmaceutical or medical market.

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