Market research will give your business

an advantage over the competition!


Over the past 12 years we've been helping businesses achieve their goals.

Our market and marketing research offer

We have prepared dedicated research solutions for our clients, allowing for comprehensive analysis within each industry. Trust our 15 years of experience!

Highly skilled experts
Instant realizaiton
Innovative solutions
Automatic market analysis reporting
Commitment and reliability

Research offer

Brand research
Market research
Customer surveys
Product research

Our methods

We conduct market research using a wide variety of data acquisition methods, providing a comprehensive approach to each and every problem. Among the standard methods and techniques that we use are:



  • Paper & Pen Personal Interviews (PAPI)
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI)

  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)

  • Computer-Assisted Web Interviews (CAWI)



  • Focus Group Interviews (FGI)
  • Individual In-Depth interviews (IDI)

  • Mystery Shopping

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Desk Research


You can trust the experience of our experts. We approach the needs of every customer individually.

Implementing marketing research will help you take your business to the top!

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